Introduction of company

Pars Molybden Co. was established in a land with area up to 5000sqm in Yazd Industrial zone in 1989.

This company has passed successfully research phases and experimental production as the first producer of molybdenum derivations in country and it began to produce workshop Molybdenum oxide  and Ferro molybdenum as the products of Pars Molybden Co. 

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Introduction of molybdenum

Molybdenum is a metallic gray metal which was discovered in 1778. Its atomic number is 42 and atomic mass is equal to 95.94. Its concentrate or sulfur is obtained as MoO3 after necessary processes. This product (MoO3) is used as basic material of Molybdenum derivations in iron melting, alloy steels and castings industries. Molybdenum is agent of rigidity, strength and also it enhances the properties and temperature of the alloys.